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All request and help will be sent to the Technology Department, Programming Office and the Parent Coordinator.

Staff who require technical assistance with Internet access and applications should contact Jhonny from the Technology Department at (718) 392-3330 ext. 1161. Any issues concerning data and historical information, please contact Enock from the Program Office at (718) 392-3330 ext. 1080



Importing Google Classroom Grades to Skedula

Importing Google Classroom assignments to Skedula

Importing students' grades from Google Classroom to Skedula gradebook

Login to DOE Zoom from Mchslic Google Menu

Screen recording and editing using Screencastify from Google Chrome with MCHSLIC login

Accessing Saxixp Via Google Share (Admins only)

Accessing DOE ATS/STARS/CYBERSHIFT on DOE workspace