Dear Students and Parents:

PBAT Presentation is a vital part of the Middle College High School experience. IT IS REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION.





PBAT Presentations begin in the Junior Year of High School and are REQUIRED for Graduation. What does this mean?

Present four (4) final projects, in order of your choice:

- UD Math project (Geometry II, Algebra or Trigonometry II)

- UD English project (Modern Lit, Classic Lit, American Lit or Advance Comp Lit)

- UD Science project (Chemistry I or Chemistry II)

- UD Social Studies project (American Studies I or II, Participation in Gov't or Economics)

- Present a reflection letter (at last PBAT presentation)

In order to graduate you must complete presentations for ALL FOUR projects.


1-2 PBAT's Junior Year

2-3 PBAT's and reflection letter Senior Year


PBAT Update

  • 3 panel members per panel (2 subject, 1 non-subject). Panels should receive all paperwork (Assignment sheet, rubric and paper) electronically within 2 days of the presentation.
  • Seniors will be given PBAT Mentors (4-5 per teacher). Mentors should check in w/ students, prep with students if necessary, push them to present by certain dates, make sure they are working w/ teachers in prepping if they are not helping them prep, making sure the student has all papers to present project and shared w/ panel and Jordan before presenting (rubrics, cover pages, paper) and communicate w/ Jordan that student is ready to present.
  • All panel members should submit a subject rubric. Only one feedback sheet needs to be completed per panel (make sure panel members names on both). Non-subject teacher should be in charge of making sure these are submitted. All rubrics will be shared in Google Drive and should sent to Jordan when completed. PLEASE SAVE A NEW RUBRIC FOR EACH STUDENT YOU ARE A PANEL MEMBER ON.