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         Welcome to Middle College High School at LaGuardia Community College. We urge all students and parents to make the very best out of this unique academic opportunity at our school. Our Early College program offers students the rare opportunity to take college courses while they are still in high school.

Enrolling in Middle College High School gives students not only the opportunity to graduate from high school but can also earn enough college credits to enter a four-year university as a sophomore or junior.

Students who work hard and take full advantage of this beautiful opportunity can graduate with an Associate Degree if they choose to remain in the fifth year of our Early College program. This means that our students walk out of the door and enter the real world with skills unmatched by many high school graduates and head starts on options for their career choices.

The mission of the Middle College High School as LaGuardia Community College is to serve students within a small personalized learning environment that motivates and empowers them to take the initiative for their own academic and personal development.  Offering concrete academic, social and vocational experiences that connect students to the worlds of college and workforce, the school seeks to increase students’ knowledge, expectation, performance, self-esteem and respect for all. 


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     Middle College High SchoolPortraits of students
     Socrates Ortiz, Jr, Principal
     45-35 Van Dam Street
     Long Island City, NY 11101



      To contact Middle College
      Call (718) 392-3330Portraits of students
                         Kristy Brito, Parent Coordinator                                                      Email: [email protected]


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